Athletic Season Ticket Policy

Established in 1993

Faculty/Staff seating requests will be evaluated based on priority points calculated as follows:

Priority points will increment by 10 through the levels, with 10 being the lowest number of points assigned for rank/paygrade and 150 the highest number of points. In addition, each customer will be rewarded 5 points for each year of continuous purchase of season tickets. This priority system is depicted as follows:

Priority Level Grades Points Assigned
Support Staff
1 2, 3 10
2 4, 5, 6 20
3 7, 8, 9 30
4 10, 11 40
5 12, 13 50
Managerial Professional
6 901, 902, 903 60
7 904, 905, 906 70
8 907, 908 80
9 909, 910, 911 90
10 912, 913 100
Administrative Professional
11 Asst. Professors 110
12 Assoc. Professors 120
13 Full Professors 130
14 Chairs/Directors 140
15 Deans/Vice Chancellors 150

With five points being assigned for each year of purchase, employees gain a priority level every two years. For example, an employee with Priority Level 3 and 10 years of purchase will be assigned seating similar to a new employee at Priority Level 8.

Years of purchase will be calculated on a 1982 base year (this is the earliest year for which there are accurate records). For Faculty/Staff members with like priorities, years of service to the University will also be taken into consideration.

Group seating will be accommodated based on the Faculty/Staff members with the lowest point total in the group.

Retired employees maintain the same priority level they held during employment; however, tickets must have been purchased for 10 consecutive years prior to retiring to retain them.

Surviving spouse of current/retired employees will retain purchase privileges for a period of 5 years, and be assigned the same seating priority as was maintained by the employee.

Volunteer and Courtesy Appointments will continue to be provided the opportunity to purchase two tickets at full-rate. they will be assigned the lowest leve of priority for seating purposes.

Part-time employees will be offered the opportunity to purchase two tickets at full-rate if the allotment of tickets is not sold out to full-time employees. They will be assigned the lowest level of priority for seating purposes.