Transfer of Equipment Policy

September 1, 2008

Policy and Procedures for Transfer of Personal Property to Another Institution

Personal property includes all materials, supplies, furniture, equipment, printing, stationery, automotive and road equipment and all other chattels, goods, wares and merchandise whatsoever, regardless of cost. Title and ownership to all property purchased with the University’s state aided budget funds shall remain vested in the University until the transfer of such property to another institution is approved by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. Property purchased with specially donated or restricted funds providing for other ownership may be transferred pursuant to the following policy, as well. University property may only be transferred if determined to be in the best interest of the University.

Note: Downloadable policy-related documents can be found at the end of this page.

UNL personal property may only be transferred to another institution by completing the following steps:

  1. Prepare a formal written request for the transfer of the personal property from UNL to the intended receiving institution. The request must contain the following:

    1. Reason for transfer (include whether or not equipment could be used by other UNL personnel in department or college)

    2. Item description (include make and model)

    3. Date of purchase

    4. Serial number (if available)

    5. UNL Inventory Tag Number (if available)

    6. Source of funding for original purchase (include cost object)

    7. Current location of property

    8. Name and address of institution to receive transfer

    9. Dollar amount to be paid by receiving institution for transferred property, whether by outright sale or rental charge

    10. Signature of requestor

  2. Signature approval section must be completed prior to the proposed transfer from the following:

    1. Department Chair

    2. Dean

    3. Vice Chancellor for Research

    4. Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance

  3. The original completed document must then be forwarded to the Inventory Department for removal of the item(s) from University records.

  4. If required by receiving institution, the Inventory Department will prepare a formal invoice.

  5. Checks are to be made payable to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and sent to the Inventory Department.

Request for Transfer form attached.
For multiple items, see Request for Transfer Multiple Items form, if the reason for transfer is the same.

If there are questions involving this policy, please contact the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Inventory Department at (402) 472-2085.

Request for Transfer Request for Transfer Multiple Items