University Vehicle Procurement, Ownership and Rental

Effective: Sunday, July 1, 2018

Last Revised: Sunday, July 1, 2018

Responsible University Administrator: Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance

Responsible University Office: Fleet Management

Policy Contact: Patrick Barrett


This policy applies to those needing to purchase or rent/lease vehicles from University Fleet Management.

Policy Statement

University Fleet Management is responsible for the procurement and management of all vehicles purchased or leased by or gifted to the University of Nebraska. All purchases and rentals of these vehicles must be initiated through University Fleet Management.


University Fleet Management is solely authorized to license, title, assign ownership and remarket all vehicle types including but not limited to: sedans, vans, sport utility vehicles, buses, pickups, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and trailers. Ownership of all passenger vehicles is restricted to University Fleet Management. Passenger vehicles are sub-compact sedans, compact sedans, intermediate sedans, full size sedans, station wagons, minivans, mid and full sized vans, sport utility vehicles of all sizes, crew-cab pickups and passenger buses. University Fleet Management may authorize departmental ownership of passenger vehicle(s) in the following special circumstances:

  • The cost of acquisition and/or usage of the vehicle(s) is likely to exceed the normal cost of operation and rental for the department. (Police patrol vehicles, large passenger buses, crew-cab pickups, and some full-size 4x4 SUV’s when used as utility vehicles)
  • The usage requires alteration or intentional damage to the vehicle and/or the altered vehicle will not be used for faculty or staff travel
  • Regular cab/extended cab pickups, trucks, utility vans, and ATV/UTV’s are not considered passenger vehicles

Vehicles may be rented from University Fleet Management daily (less than 30 days) or long term (permanent/monthly rental - 30 days or more). University Fleet Management rental rates cover all normal operating, repair, and maintenance expenses. Rental rates do not include the cost of fuel. The fuel cost is charged back to the renting department. Rental rates may be adjusted from time to time depending upon the operational cost and/or vehicle acquisition cost. Long term rentals are available for dispatch only during normal business hours.

Reason for Policy

This policy is meant to govern the ownership and rentals of University vehicles. 


Renting a Vehicle

Rental vehicles may be requested on-line at by entering the department/requestor information, pick up location, inclusive dates/times of use, vehicle type/rate/intended use/destination, and vehicle drivers.

When renting outside Lincoln, private rental vehicles are available using the preferred Big Ten Rental Car provider National Rent-A-Car or Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Visit this link to make a reservation, enroll in the Emerald Club for additional rewards and services, and view rental rates. University of Nebraska drivers should contact their campus travel office for direct bill authorization. Direct bill reservations originating in Lincoln, NE must be requested through University Fleet Management and will only be honored if a University vehicle is not available.

Note: Rental requests submitted after hours may not be processed until the next business day and only the selected driver(s) will be allowed to pick up the vehicle (unless selected as a driver, the person submitting the rental is not allowed to pick up the vehicle).

The requestor and drivers will automatically receive a reservation confirmation email as soon as the request has been processed. It is recommended that requests for rental vehicle(s) be made as early as possible. The following information is required when requesting a vehicle:

  • Cost Object (Cost center or WBS element) to be charged
  • Department Identification (campus zip code)
  • Requestor name and contact information
  • Name of driver(s)
  • Destination
  • Date and time vehicle is desired
  • Return time and date
  • City or East Campus pickup and return 

Note: RSO (Recognized Student Organization) rental requests require final approval by the Student Involvement office. RSO rental request can be submitted no sooner than 15 business days prior to planed start of travel, but must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to start of travel.

Vehicle rental reservations must be cancelled at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled pickup time. Daily rental reservations cancelled less than twenty-four hours are subject to a minimum one-day rental charge. Vehicles will be held a maximum of four (4) hours after the initial requested pick up time unless a revised pickup time has been relayed to the dispatcher.

Failure to pick up (no-show) vehicles scheduled for dispatch Sunday – Thursday, will be billed a minimum one day rental. Failure to pick up vehicles scheduled for dispatch Friday, Saturday, or during scheduled University closure (holiday closure) will be billed from the scheduled dispatch date/time – scheduled return date/time or the first University business day (whichever is less). Monthly rental vehicles not picked up are subject to a minimum one month rental charge.

Dispatch of long term/permanent/monthly rental vehicles is available only on City campus during normal business hours. The dispatcher will assist the driver in signing the rental agreement; explain end-of-month mileage entry, and general use of University vehicles.

Return of Long Term/Permanent/Monthly Rental Vehicles

When returning a monthly/permanently assigned vehicle, please advise the dispatcher of the termination of the permanent assignment, and verify that the dispatcher has all the pertinent information about the vehicle. Monthly rental vehicles can be returned only at University Fleet Management City Campus location.

Note: By contacting University Fleet Management Dispatch during normal business hours, monthly/permanently assigned vehicles may be scheduled for return after working hours. Dispatch will provide an access code and instructions to return the vehicle in the KEYOSK system. The drop box can only be accessed through the KEYOSK, and the key(s) & credit card must be returned.

University Fleet Management has the authority to recall and assign all vehicles owned by University Fleet Management.

Please make any requests, for interdepartmental exchange of vehicles with the University Fleet Management Director and Inventory Department Director, so that appropriate record changes can be made.



  • This policy was reformatted in 2020. No content edits were made.