Initial Assessment

One of the first steps UNL took as a part of the Service Delivery Initiative was conduct an assessment of the current state of business support service delivery across the UNL campuses. This assessment helped UNL Leadership understand how Finance, HR, and research support is currently delivered at UNL and served as a starting point for identifying opportunities for improving business support through SDI. The current state assessment included staff participation in a UNL-wide activity study.

Activity Study

The objective of the Activity Study was to understand how administrative efforts across campus are currently organized, and to identify ways administrative effort can be aligned to support the instructional, research, and outreach missions of the university in the future. The Activity Study provided project leadership with data necessary to understand how to leverage the talent and resources we have today to better support the university. It also provided a baseline for measuring the success of realigning services, to ensure that efforts are not duplicated, and service levels don’t suffer.

Full participation was critical to achieve the objectives of the study. The following materials provide greater detail about the activity study:

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