Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of the project?

The objectives of this project are:

  • Better Customer Service
  • Enhanced Career Growth Opportunities
  • More Training / Expertise
  • Improved Compliance
  • Increased Accountability
  • Increased Data Governance
  • Better Defined Career Paths
  • More Time for Strategic Development
  • Consistent / Accurate Data Entry
  • Drive Continuous Improvement / Best Practices
How will data and feedback be gathered to inform decision-making?

Feedback gathering will be an ongoing process throughout the initiative. During the current state assessment, individual interviews, focus groups, identification surveys, and data analysis were conducted to ensure a holistic and objective view of current state operations. Governance structures that are representative of campus-wide colleges/units/functions continue to help ensure any identified gaps in assessment will be addressed on an ongoing basis.

What are the governance groups associated with this project, and how will I be represented?

The governance structure consists of a Steering Committee, Working Group, and Advisory Group. These groups will ensure that all stakeholders and processes are adequately represented and that decisions can be made collectively for the good of UNL. More information regarding the charge and membership of these groups can be found here.

How is this project related to the Budget Response Team (BRT) initiatives?

The Service Delivery Initiative is related to the HR and Payroll and Financial Operations and Accounting BRTs. The savings associated with the two aforementioned BRTs were achieved through the elimination of open positions. The Service Delivery Initiative’s objective is to study the work associated with HR, Payroll, Finance, Accounting, and Research and determine a means of delivering these services in a manner that is efficient and equitable across all campus units.

How can I stay current on the project?

The Service Delivery Initiative’s website will be a great resource to stay current on the project. The project team will also host update meetings as there is more information to share.