Process Re-Engineering Involvement

Subject matter experts (SMEs) from a variety of units and the UNL central offices helped to identify current state processes and develop streamlined, standardized processes for institution-wide use. This work began in the Spring of 2019 with the Process Re-Engineering Working Groups and will continue through Fall of 2019 with the Process Optimization Committee. Later in 2019, SDI leadership plans to provide stakeholders across campus the opportunity to review the new processes and provide additional feedback prior to their finalization.

Process Re-Engineering Teams

Human Resources

Lead: Haley Hamel, College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Core Team:
  1. Cindy Hruza - Business and Finance
  2. Jim Fischer – HR UNL Central
  3. John Dillingham – IANR
  4. Shelley Sorensen – Arts & Sciences
  5. Nancy Re - Engineering
Subject Matter Experts:
  • Renee Batman
  • Layton Brooks
  • Becky Carter
  • Charlotte Frank
  • Chris Gengenbach
  • Sarah Goodrich
  • Jelena Gude
  • Tammie Herrington
  • Cathy Leazer
  • Mary Miesbach
  • Susan Wendling
  • Kelli White
  • Emily Wiber
  • Jody Wood
  • Alesia Zaruba


Lead: Ben Lennander, College of Education and Human Sciences

Core Team:
  1. Mike Behne - OSP
  2. Deb Arent - OSP
  3. Suzan Lund - OSP
  4. Shelly Custor - ORED
  5. Tiffany Hix - ORED
  6. Lacey Rohe - Accounting
  7. Sara Mattson - ANS
  8. Kim Barton - IANR Finance & Peronnel
  9. Renie Hagensen - ENG
  10. Carrie Duffy - IANR
  11. Stephanie Cole - GRNBC
Subject Matter Experts:
  • Lana Anderson
  • Melissa Baack
  • Marilyn Fenton
  • Breana Garretson
  • Jenny Gilmore
  • Lisa Hastings
  • Sarah Johnson
  • John Lohmeier
  • Sheryl May
  • TJ McAndrew
  • Marnie Nelson
  • Jill Rogman
  • Nathan Sheldon
  • Julie Snyder
  • Pat Wemhoff
  • Dawn Werner
  • Jeanne Wicks


Leads: Corey Cook, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources & Ben Lennander, College of Education and Human Sciences

Core Team:
  1. Sheila Stewart - AP Accounting
  2. Kate Shaner - Chemistry
  3. Ben Mayeux - Facilities
  4. Brian Bollich - Student Affairs
  5. Milunka Brajic - Engineering
  6. Lacey Rohe - Accounting
  7. Sarah Hansen– IANR
  8. Sonya Howsden – Arts & Sciences
  9. Tyrell Ross – College of Business
Subject Matter Experts:
  • Bryan Areman
  • Trent Corken
  • Marilyn Fenton
  • Alycia Harden
  • Jennifer Hellwege
  • Jacki Loomis
  • Sara Mattson
  • Nicole McCoid
  • Edwin Mukusha
  • Pat Neben
  • Natalie Stroud
  • Sue Walker
  • Pat Wemhoff

Process Optimization Committee

The Process Optimization Committee is charged with further refining the standardized processes that were developed by the process re-engineering working groups. This group will also rely on SMEs across campus to help identify solutions to process optimization barriers that were identified by the working groups. There will also be an opportunity for stakeholders across the institution to review the re-engineered processes and provide feedback.

SDI Process Optimization Team

  • Mary LaGrange, Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Finance and Controller
  • James Volkmer, Assistant Vice Chancellor in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
  • Jeff Bassford, Assistant Vice Chancellor of IANR
  • Layton Brooks, Director of Human Resources
  • Ben Lennander, Director of Process Improvement
  • Haley Hamel, Business and Operations Manager in the College of Journalism & Mass Communications
  • Corey Cook, Operations Manager in the Natural Resources Business Center
  • Nora Huscher, Director of University Systems
  • Trisha Dezort, Human Resources Director, IANR