Business Support Staff Info

Is UNL creating one service center to serve the entire university?

The original plan was to create 6 –8 service center locations across both UNL campuses. Each center would serve one or more schools or units. SDI leadership has since decided to move away from its initial implementation plan. Based on feedback from units across the institution, the revised approach for service delivery will be to provide local control over the implementation of service delivery. Therefore, the number of service delivery teams and the makeup of individuals within these teams will be determined by local unit implementation teams to be formed in the future.

Where will the Service Teams be located?

The local unit implementation teams will determine where their service team staff will be located within the units they serve.

What work will Service Team staff be doing?

Service teams will provide Human Resources, Finance, and HR or Finance-related Research support for their units.

I currently do some Finance and/or HR work, will I lose my job?

SDI leadership is committed to ensuring that no staff member lose their position as the result of the SDI project. As HR and Finance work is concentrated in specialist roles, the remaining administrative and mission-related support work will be redistributed to the non-service team unit staff. The image below illustrates how the redistribution of work might work within a unit.

Redistribution graphic

Your local unit implementation team will help determine how work will be redistributed within your unit. However the composition of these implementation teams are not yet determined. In the meantime, if you are concerned about the impact the SDI project will have on your job, please contact the Steering Committee or your college or unit’s business officer with questions.

I currently do some of that work, will I be required to become an HR Specialist or Finance Specialist?

You will have an opportunity to share your level of interest in becoming a HR or Finance Specialist with your unit implementation team. Because each college / unit will be implementing their own service delivery the implementation approaches may vary.

If I become an HR or Finance Specialist, will I only be allowed to do one type of task?

By defining HR and Finance Specialists, the SDI project intends only to ensure that service delivery staff are focused either on HR support or on Finance Support. SDI project leadership anticipates that specialist staff will perform a wide variety of tasks related to either finance or HR. There are over 30 support processes for HR and over 50 support processes for Finance. The number of processes which apply to your unit and the volume of transactions that your unit handles, in conjunction with the level of experience and training each staff member has, will help determine which support activities each specialist will be tasked with.

If new duties become part of my job, how will I learn how to do them?

The SDI Process Redesign Team and Implementation Planning Team have begun identifying the training needs resulting from the revised processes and transition to specialist roles. Once the new processes are finalized and individuals are identified to move into specialist roles, a transition plan, service delivery training plan, and service delivery training materials will be developed to ensure that everyone is prepared for success in their new roles.

Is process redesign still a part of the Service Delivery Initiative?

Process redesign is a core component of the Service Delivery Initiative, so the 100+ finance, human resources, and research support processes that have been identified will be redesigned and deployed across the institution. SDI Project Leadership will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on the revised processes before they are finalized.