Mueller Tower and Greenpoint Sculpture


Christine A. Jackson, the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is responsible for facilities construction and management, accounting, audit, human resources, security, and auxiliary business services associated with UNL’s budget that supports 22,500 students and 5,000 faculty and staff.


Committed to excellence, we provide supportive services necessary for learning, discovery, and service.

Strategic Initiatives

Customer Service. Developing/maintaining/enhancing our relationships with customer-partners as we strive to consistently meet and exceed their expectation.

Collaboration and Improved Communication. Building and enhancing partnerships with our customer-partners and among ourselves, and improving customer knowledge of Business & Finance practices and procedures, including enhanced marketing of Business & Finance services and training programs.

Investments in People. Training, developing careers, compensating and empowering Business & Finance staff.

Innovation. Maximizing the use of interactive technology.

Change Management. Improving the way business is transacted and implementing best business practices.
Sustainability Initiatives
Contact Info
Office of Business & Finance
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
307 Canfield Administration
Lincoln, NE 68588-0425

Phone: 402-472-4455
Fax: 402-472-7963

2014 & 2013 Winners
  • Megan Dolton, Police Services
  • Scott McDonald, Custodial Services
  • Calvin Foster, Custodial Services
  • Samir Klipic, Custodial Services
  • Matthew Nilsen, Custodial Services
  • Jim Pfeiffer, Custodial Services
  • Rhonda Walker, Custodial Services
  • Chansy Keovichith, Custodial Services
  • Nyazar Chagly, Custodial Services
  • Zlata Nedic, Custodial Services
NU Regents KUDOS Award
January 2014 Winner
  • Amber Brannigan
January 2013 Winner
  • Jim Jackson