Interagency Mail Policy

October 1, 2004

To enhance security of interagency mail, the State of Nebraska Mail Center has adopted the following guidelines for all State of Nebraska interagency mail.

All interagency mail must include the following:

  1. Complete return address with the name of person sending the article.
  2. All incoming addresses must be completed as directed.
    1. First & last name of receiving person.
    2. Name of agency without abbreviations (Ex: Dept. Of Revenue-not DOR)
    3. Building of agency (Ex: NSOB, Capitol, Executive, 501 Building) or physical location to include address. NO Postal Service (PO Box) numbers
    4. The term “ Interagency Mail” must be marked in red.


Jane Smith
301 Canfield Admin Building

Joe Doe
Department of Revenue
Capital, Room 100
Interagency Mail

If interagency mail is improperly addressed, mail will be returned to UNL Mail and Distribution Services. An attempt will be made by UNL Mail and Distribution Services to return the mail to the originating department.

If the item does not have a return address, the item will be opened by UNL Mail and Distribution Services only to determine who sent the mail so that it can be redirected back to the originating department. If the sending department/individual can not be identified, the mail will be retained by Mailing Services for 90 days before disposal.