Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning and Inclusive Excellence Roadmap

Business and Finance initiated a Strategic Planning and Inclusive Excellence Roadmap process in Summer of 2019 with an end goal of identifying Business and Finance Strategic Priorities that are aligned with the goals and priorities of the university by Summer of 2021. The major milestones and inputs of this process include:

graphic of first part of timeline showing climate study and inclusive excelllence
  • Business & Finance Climate Survey
    Summer 2019
  • University 2025 Goals & Inclusive Excellence
    Fall 2019
graphic of second part of timeline showing principles and values and workshops
  • Business & Finance Principles and Values
    Winter 2019
  • Department Promise Workshops
    Spring 2020
graphic of third part of timeline showing excellent statement and strategic priorities
  • D&IE Education Series Begins and IE Statement Development
    Winter 2020
  • Business & Finance Strategic Priorities
    Spring 2021

Climate Survey

In summer of 2019 a climate survey was conducted across all of Business and Finance. The survey, which had a 76% response rate, gave a snapshot of what employees thought about the following:

  • Their connection to the University
  • Being a part of Business and Finance
  • The work relationships in their department
  • Their department leadership and direct supervisor
  • The customers/stakeholders they serve
  • Work and opportunity within their department

University Reports

Aims of the N2025 Strategic Plan

Nebraska Strategic Plan goals pie chart

Diversity and Inclusion Special Report

Nebraska Diversity and Inclusion report graphic chart


icon of a heart

Authentic Communication

We foster trust and transparency through honest, open, respectful and frequent communication.

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Focused Service

Customer needs guide our work.

icon of a books on shelf

Professional Growth

We actively seek to enhance individual and team capabilities.

icon of a pillar

Shared Pride

Each day is an opportunity to demonstrate out commitment to delivering value.


icon people in hand

Believe in the Team

We recognize teams are stronger than individuals. We value the unique strengths and abilities of individuals and purposefully connect these to the team.

icon of hands in a circle

Intentional Inclusion

We create an inviting community of respect, kindness, and encouragement. We spark imagination through diverse ideas.

icon of a lightbulb

Act Boldly

We believe in innovation and leading from any chair. We learn from mistakes, knowing we are supported.

icon of a mask with happy face

Create Joy

We enjoy the journey of our work by creating a fun environment.

Customer Service Strategies

Inclusive Excellence Statement

We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity as a purposeful and conscious fabric of our daily existence. We will demonstrate a welcoming and engaging workplace culture centered on civility, respect, and understanding.

icon of hands in circle

In achieving and demonstrating our guiding principle of Intentional Inclusion and commitment to Inclusive Excellence, our teams will:

  • icon of puzzle pieces
    Recognize the collective power of individual differences.
  • icon of hands shaking
    Model a welcoming and open climate for the entire UNL community.
  • icon of magnet
    Attract and retain diverse talent to enhance the level of service provided to the University.
  • icon of the word BIAS crossed out
    Create an environment where reporting and timely intervention of intolerance and any form of bias is expected and supported by all team members.
  • icon of person at whiteboard
    Welcome Diversity and Inclusion education and training.
  • icon of landscape
    Live each workday with these values in the forefront.

Business and Finance Strategic Plan

(currently underway - Projected completion date: May 2021)

Business and Finance leaders are currently working to establish a Business and Finance Strategic Plan that includes priorities that directly align with the goals of the university and support the Principles and Values of Business and Finance.