The B+F Bravo Award

Visit: B+F Bravo Nomination Form to submit nominations.


Business and Finance staff can be nominated for making significant impact to areas within the Business + Finance division and/or UNL more broadly by demonstrating one or more of the department’s six values and principles: Trust and Integrity, Collaboration, Stewardship, Invest in Our People, Deliver Clear and Consistent Service and Communication & Drive Forward-thinking Solutions.


Eligible employees include those who have been with B+F for at least 6 months and are in a good employment standing; includes temporary employees, however, student workers and on-call employees are ineligible. Nominees are only eligible to receive 1 award each calendar year. Nomination Process: Nominations can be submitted throughout the year through a form on the B+F website.

 Two awards will be handed out annually

One will be handed out in June and one in December. Nominations submitted December – May are considered for the June award, and nominations submitted June – November are considered for the December award.

 Award and Presentation

The award will be presented by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. There will be an actual physical award that can sit on a desk to be handed out as well as a bonus of $1,000 added to the paycheck of the recipient. All nominees (not just the winner) will be acknowledged at the time of the award presentation with a certificate.