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Our services:
We specialize in providing expert financial and HR support to Business & Finance staff so they can focus on keeping the University infrastructure running smoothly.

  • We help units navigate hiring, payroll and HR processes.
  • We process invoices and billings efficiently and accurately.
  • We reliably assist with cash handling and deposits.
  • We are responsive and willing to help you with your HR or Finance questions.

Units Served:

Building Systems Maintenance
Business & Finance
B&F Business Center
B&F Shared Services
Business Analyst Group
Custodial Services
Environ. Health & Safety
Facilities Plan & Construction
Financial Systems
Husker Power
Human Resources
Inventory, Moving & Access Mgmt
Landscape Services
Mail Services
NCard Office
Office of Academic Success/
   Intercultural Services
Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Parking and Transit Svcs
Passport Office
Payroll Services
Print, Copy, Mail & Distribution Svcs
Student Accounts
University Communications
University Fleet Mgmt
University Operations
University Police
UN Federal Credit Union
UN Foundation
UO Organizational Development
Waste Mgmt & Recycling
Main phone: 402-472-4840

Main email:

Financial Team

Fax number: 402-472-4896


Pcard Reconciliation:

Physical Address:
1700 Y Street
Business Services Complex (BSC)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0694

HR Team

Fax number: 402-472-7820

BFBC Human Resources:
HR questions & new employee paperwork requests

Physical Address:
1700 Y Street
Business Services Complex (BSC)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0694

Mail Services
Cost Object, FedEx or UPS accounts

Printing, Copy, or Merchandise Services

portrait of Ben Lennander on white background

Ben Lennander
Business Process & Transformation Director

  • BFBC Business Officer
  • Works with B&F units to ensure BFBC provides outstanding HR and Finance support services.
  • Responsible for operations of:
portrait of TBA on white background

Lorri Benamor
Business Manager

  • Oversees the Business Center operations and staff
  • Conducts budget validation and oversees year-end reporting
  • Provides budget and financial consultative services for units served as well as PCI Compliance, Concur financial approvals, warrant approvals and financial reporting.
portrait of Rhonda Zugmier on white background

Rhonda Zugmier
Administrative Assistant

  • Passport Office Manager
  • Manages the NCard campus account program in coordination with campus vendors, UNL payroll, and student accounts.
  • Processes accounts payable/receivable for:
    • Fleet Management
    • Inventory, Moving & Access Mgmt
    • NCard
    • Parking and Transit Svcs
    • University Communications
  • Provides administrative support for the B&F Business Center.
portrait of Gina Kroger on white background

Gina Kroger
HR Specialist - Lead

  • Oversees BFBC HR team
  • Provides payroll and Human Resource consultative services for B&F units
  • Assists B&F units with HR and payroll questions
portrait of TBA on white background

Brittany Kruckman
HR Coordinator

  • Assists with payroll processing and reconciliation, PeopleAdmin, and personnel record data/maintenance.
portrait of Cathy Leazer on white background

Cathy Leazer
Payroll and Personnel Coordinator

  • Payroll processing
  • Personnel processing for benefit eligible employees
  • Record/data maintenance
  • HR reporting
  • Primary Benefits contact for B&F units
  • Assists B&F units with HR questions
portrait of Lori Thomas on white background

Lori Thomas
Payroll and Personnel Associate

  • Payroll processing
  • Personnel processing for student employees
  • Assists B&F units with HR questions
portrait of Susan Holsteen on white background

Susan Holsteen
Finance Specialist - Lead

  • Parking event reconciliation and reporting
  • Inclusive access
  • Unizen and Follett processes
portrait of Mark Kyriss on white background

Mark Kyriss
Accounting Associate

  • Procurement and Accounts Payable for:
    • Print, Copy, Mail & Distribution Services
  • Cash handling for:
    • Print, Copy, Mail & Distribution Services
    • NCard Office
    • Parking and special events
portrait of Dani Staats on white background

Dani Staats
Finance Specialist - Lead

  • Billings and reconciliation for B&F units
  • Pepsi contact
  • Campus utility billings
  • Internal department billings through TMA
portrait of Natalie Thompson on white background

Natalie Thompson
Finance Associate

  • Processes invoices for:
    • Building Systems Maintenance
    • Landscape Services
    • Power Plant
    • Waste Mgmt & Recycling
    • Custodial Services
    • Inventory, Moving & Access Mgmt
portrait of Brooke Beyer

Brooke Beyer
Finance Associate

  • Passport Agent
  • Assists with invoice processing
  • Reconciliation
portrait of Danar Hassan on white background

Danar Hassan
Finance Associate

  • Primary contact for B&F purchasing cards
  • Reconciles purchasing cards and assists card holders
portrait of Skylar Wendel on white background

Skylar Wendel
Finance Specialist - Lead

  • Accounts receivable/payable and UNL internal charges for:
    • Print, Copy, Mail & Distribution Services
  • UNL UPS and FedEx contact, creates new accounts, adds new users.
portrait of Catia Guerrero on white background

Catia Guerrero
Finance Specialist

  • Main point of contact for Unizen and Follet Inclusive Access Invoicing, Billing, and Reconciliation.
portrait of Phuong Nguyen on white background

Phuong Nguyen
Finance Associate

  • Accounts receivable for:
    • Print, Copy, Mail & Distribution Services